im about you, hey.

im about you, hey.

  1. if only i had one wish. its to spend the rest of my life with my guy. i love you that much kelvin.

  2. stop staring. that’s my guy. and he’s only mine.

    stop staring. that’s my guy. and he’s only mine.

  3. wakie up!

    he’s asleep. i miss him to death. i hope she feels the same way. im very much paranoid about this guy here. bah! am i that inlove?! i think so. i dont want to get lost track of him. ill go crazy. this week with him is really the best week of my life. having him around makes me feel better. who cares if we’re just an online couple? when he goes back here. ill prove to everybody that this one wold work. he tamed my wild heart and soul. how many times im asking him if what did he do to me…he cant give me an answer even i myself doesn’t know how why what…im crazy really crazy about this guy.i would sneak in the middle of the night just to see his morning face. who would do that?! haha. gahdd! wake up now honey pls. i miss you so much! :(

  4. im so inlove with this guy. i really dunno why. all i know is that he make me happy all the time. there’s not a day that he would not make me smile. he stays up all night just to have talks with me. he even adjusts his body clock for him to catch up on me since we are thousands of miles away. i am really lucky to have this guy in my life. oh. one of a kind. you’ll never expect that there is still a guy like him. if you had a chance to know him. you’ll envy me. haha. with those biceps and that chest. makes me crazy everytime. i just want to wrap my self up on his chest and just stay there forever. so this is all about me and him. our online love story :) hah. i love you kelvin!